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Ovulation Predictor

Ovulation Predictor

An ovulation calculator or ovulation predictor like our handy tool below can help you track your cycle and increase your chances of getting pregnant. All you have to do is enter your details and this ovulation predictor tool will tell you what days you are likely to be most fertile. It works like a charm whether you’re trying to target those days you should be ‘getting busy with it,’ or even if you’re proactively trying to avoid that fertile window.

The ‘cycle’ length counts the first day of your period until your next one. As in: the first day you started your most recent period, until the day before your next menstrual cycle starts. Most women have a cycle around 28-32 days.


Ovulation Predictor Kits are highly recommended as the most accurate method for tracking ovulation cycles. These are commonly available at local pharmacies and some grocery stores however many women enjoy ordering them online to save time and even money!

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