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Kindara Wink Ovulation Predictor Kit

Kindara Ovulation Predictor Kit

Kindara wink is an application designed to help women to track their ovulation cycles. The app works alongside an oral digital ovulation thermometer. The thermometer records and send basal temperature to the Kindara app installed on Android or iPhone through synchronization. Basal temperature is the oral temperature when one wakes up, and one should record it throughout the cycle. The app analyzes data that it receives and presents it in forms of charts that are easy to decode. Kindara ovulation predictor kit allows women to understand their body changes as they take place. It helps them know when it is the best time to conceive and also give them a chance to avoid getting pregnant through a natural method.


· Kindara wink is natural. Many people like it since it cannot pose any health risks.

· The digital ovulation thermometer has an LCD light that makes it suitable to work with both at night or broad daylight.

· No need to worry when traveling since wink adapts to differences in time zones and displays it as the local time zone.

· Kindara wink is durable since it is made up of rubber that is not susceptible dents or scars that may occur through scratching by items carried in a bag and also saves it from accidental falls.

· Kindara app analyses data at a fast rate and displays it in the form of charts.

· It allows one to work with the measure of temperature that one is conversant with such as degrees or Fahrenheit.

· Kindara wink is affordable since it does not require maintenance fees.

· It is secure since it allows one to lock it up by the use of a password thus preventing unauthorized people from viewing the information.

· Allows users to connect to the community where they get the professional help that guides them through the day to day results.



· The user manual can pose decoding problem especially to those that are not fond of charts.

· The initial cost of buying the ovulation predictor kit is high.

· Taking temperatures every time one wakes up is a tedious task.

· Pairing the digital ovulation thermometer with the phone for the first time can be problematic.


It is evident that Kindara wink is a great app that helps women manage their ovulation with ease. The fact that it is natural is fascinating enough to drive women in investing in it. It helps women track the changes in their bodies such as cervical fluid and menstruation cycles. It is also useful in helping women determine days when the probability of conceiving is high thus one can rely on it when avoiding pregnancy as well. Keeping basal temperature can assist in detecting other reproductive health issues such as hypothyroidism and endometriosis. Kindara ovulation predictor kit is easy to use and displays information in beautiful charts. The rubber material makes it durable. The fact that one can lock the app by use of passwords gives users an opportunity to keep their information safe from unauthorized access. One disadvantage of using Kindara is that taking temperature every time you wake up is a tiring task and to many, chances of forgetting are very high.

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