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The Best Ovulation Kit for Predicting Women’s Fertile Days Product Review 

After spending a considerable amount of time while analyzing the different methodologies of pregnancy testing ovulation kits on the market and putting into consideration the WHO expert’s statement.That LH(Luteinizing Hormone) testing, being the reliable way of detecting ovulation, we realized that for an average woman, finding the best ovulation kit in the market to test for pregnancy can be a bit difficult.

To address this issue, and to save you lots of time and money, it is a good idea to spare some time and learn what makes a right choice for a good ovulation kit. So, to make this process easier for you, we have reviewed the Easy@Home One Step LH Ovulation Test Strips as the best ovulation kit used to predict, when a woman is most likely to ovulate.

Ovulation testing and ovulation kits 

Many couples count on ovulation predictor kits to recognize when a woman is most fertile. Ovulation kits can discover a surge in the production of luteinizing hormone (LH), which occurs approximately 36 hours before ovulation. By timing intercourse soon after the LH surge, you can boost your odds of getting sperm and the egg jointly at that time when conception is most likely to occur.

The truth is, ovulation kits are more specific than other ways of monitoring ovulation. And If Used effectively, they are definitely more than 97 percent effective in discovering an LH surge, which is used as an indicator for ovulation.

Why buy an ovulation kit?

The main element to conceiving is to be sure you’re having sex during the most fertile period of your menstrual period: that is, around the time of ovulation.

Ovulation kits find whenever your body is going to release an egg, by helping you discover when is the best time to have sexual intercourse

These kits work by screening some hormones in your urine. Colored lines may actually signify whether you’re going to ovulate.

Ovulation predictor kits that test thoroughly your urine work by monitoring some hormones – estrogen and luteinizing hormone (LH) – which both soar if you are going to ovulate.

What is the best way to use the ovulation kits?

With regards to the make of urine-based OPK, you’ll either acquire your wee in a glass or carry a keep under you as (ovulation predictor kit) you wee. Colored rings can look on the test card or adhere to indicate set up LH surge is happening. Digital OPKs use icons, like a smiley face, to let you know if you are on your most fertile days and nights. 


Instructions can vary greatly slightly depending which kit you utilize, but generally, you should attempt to acquire your urine between 10 am and 8 pm. The maximum time is meant to show up between 2 pm and 2.30pm. 

Try to accumulate your urine at a comparable time every day, though this isn’t essential. Don’t test thoroughly your urine once you awaken, because you might skip the first day of your LH surge. Make an effort to decrease the number of fluids you drink for approximately two times before you do the test. An excessive amount of water will dilute your urine, which will make it more challenging to find the surge. 

Read the results within ten minutes to discover the best results. A positive result won’t disappear. However, many negative results may later screen a faint second color band. So put the test card away once you have read the result. Urine- based ovulation pregnancy usually provide five to nine days worth of tests.

Review of the Easy@Home 50 Ovulation Test Strips and 20 Pregnancy Test Strip Combo Kit

This ovulation predictor kit(OPK) detects for the presence of HCG( human chorionic gonadotropin ) hormone which appears in the urine during early pregnancy. Once produced by the cell of the embryo which later forms the placenta, it starts to increase and finally doubles after the forty-eight hours of a woman’s pregnancy. The ovulation kit’s design is focused on giving a woman a greater opportunity of predicting pregnancy even if their cycles are variable.

Most women who have used it, say that it is easy to track your ovulation surge with sufficient tests and the ovulation kit minimizes the chances of missing the LH surge.

However, it is recommended that, if you’re not sure when your ovulation starts, use the ovulation strips the day after your period. 

Here is what happens .If your normal time of ovulation has always been day 14 for example, but out of excitement, this time round, you begin testing after the first month just after your periods, it is possible that you’ll start ovulating on day ten that month and day 12 the following month.So, if you don’t test as soon as that, there’s a possibility of missing it. Which is why this ovulation kit is important because it allows you to do successive tracking of your pregnancy. 

More to that, is the ease to track your ovulation lines and comparing them using this ovulation kit. All you have to do is to make a chart and tape each stick to it until you see the results.


• Convenient. Being used only between your cycle, at that time when you’d be probably to ovulate. Other methods, such as charting your basal body’s temperature (BBT), need a daily commitment.

• Simple to use. You just urinate on the test stick, and activating a chemical substance that can find your LH surge. Two lines mean pregnancy whereas one line means no pregnancy.


• May not work when certain fertility drugs are found in the body system. 

• May not constantly work on women over 40 years. Some ladies in their 40s, especially those nearing menopause, have increased levels of LH in their systems all the time, rendering the assessments invalid


Designed for trying to conceive women and get pregnant naturally.The Easy@Home 50 Ovulation Test Strips and 20 Pregnancy Test Strip Combo Kit gives women a greater chance of predicting their fertile days even when the cycles are variable.

In addition to the many features of the ovulation kit, there are limited chances of missing the LH surge with this ovulation kit because of the allowance to the numerous ovulation test.

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